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Our Services

Our stylish salon offers the full treatment, like a 'day spa' for your pampered cats and dogs.

Your pet's needs will be met with grooming, clipping, nail clipping, ear cleaning, washing, flea treatment, drying, cologne spray, puppy trims, colouring and accessorising.​ Your darling pet will love the attention it receives from the caring groomers in an open space where everything we do is on show. 

Grooming is not only what we do, it's also what we love. Visit our salon, we have many grooming products available or just to discuss your pets needs.​

For the dogs

Dog Portrait

Short coated dogs






Canine Hairdresser

All grooming includes bathing, blow dry, clipping of hygiene areas, nails clipped and face and feet trim and tidy.






Doggy Hairdresser

All clipping includes bathing, blow dry, clipping of hygiene areas, nails clipped, face, feet, tail and body trim and tidy






Dog Grooming Tools

Puppy face trim only (with bow)

Other Services
$10 - $15

Nail clipping


Anal glands, flea wash, ear cleaning and plucking available on request.

Puppy introduction groom (with bow)

2 very special dogs 💗💕.jpg

We also offer the HOTTEST NEW TREND of dog grooming - hair dying!

With the right dog, a creative mind and some vivid, pet friendly colours, your best friend can be looking quite funky.

Obviously, this sort of effect is only possible on dogs with a white coat, and the right temperament for this to be achieved. Have some fun with your treasured pet by adding some colour for those summer walks.


Costs for creative grooming range from as little as $25 for a 'pretty in pink' treatment to highlight the ears, to an all out creation which can cost $200+.


The price will vary depending on the amount of time and dye used, but please do come in to discuss your ideas and visit my precious pair of poodles which are rarely their natural white colour!


For the cats

Cat With Blue Eyes
General Grooming

General grooming includes bathing, blow dry and a choice of removing knots, half or full clip

A couple of knots

Half clip

Full clip


Cats are certainly catered for at A Touch Of Class Grooming Salon.

Specialist clipping will take care of knots and matted coats, and we also clip, groom, cut nails.​ We excel at being quick and thorough. Owners are most welcome to stay to ensure your beloved feline has as little stress as possible.

Rest assured your cat will be looked after and treated with the utmost care by an experienced cat groomer.

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